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Meet GarmaGOTCHI, your virtual friend for Garmin smartwatches! Bring the nostalgia of the 90s back to your wrist and experience the joy of the past in our modern world. Nurture, feed and play with your digital companion directly on your Garmin smartwatch. Never miss a moment with your precious GarmaGOTCHI again, whether you're exercising, at work, or on the go. Get your GarmaGOTCHI now and experience the magic of the past in the comfort of the present!

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Enter the wonderful world of GarmaGOTCHI, your virtual companion for Garmin watches! Experience the nostalgic feeling of the 90s and take care of your own virtual pet directly on your wrist. GarmaGOTCHI combines both old and new by bringing your digital companion from the past into the modern world of your Garmin smartwatch.

Nurture, feed, and play with your digital companion whenever you like. Whether you're working out at the gym, taking a break at work or are out and about in the city, your GarmaGOTCHI is always by your side. Connected to your Garmin watch, you have full control over your virtual pet's needs and well-being.

Bring your childhood memories back to your smartwatch and create new joyful and fun moments. Your GarmaGOTCHI is looking forward to being looked after and raised by you.

Get your own GarmaGOTCHI now and experience the magic of the past in the comfort of the present. Take care of your virtual companion and get ready for an unforgettable time together. Your GarmaGOTCHI is already waiting to meet you!

License Activation:

Start the app on your watch and switch to license activation mode to enter the activation code ({code}) displayed here. After confirming with OK, the license information will be loaded on your watch. Have fun with our ConnectIQ App!

The description will be sent again via email in the course of the activation.

Release Notes:

  • Trail version ends after 5 days

Available for the following devices:

descentmk2, descentmk2s, enduro, fenix5, fenix5s, fenix5x, fenix6, fenix6pro, fenix6s, fenix6spro, fenix6xpro, fenixchronos, fr245, fr245m, fr645, fr645m, fr745,fr935, fr945, fr945lte, legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, marqadventurer, marqathlete, marqaviator, marqcaptain, marqcommander, marqdriver, marqexpedition, marqgolfer, venu, venu2, venu2s, venud, venusq, venusqm, vivoactive4m, vivoactive4s

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