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ProJockey is a ConnectIQ app for measuring horseback riding activity, including a smart gait detection for your horse. Obtain a one year licence for ProJockey

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ProJockey is a ConnectIQ app for measuring horseback riding activity, including a smart and advanced gait detection for your horse and heart rate measurement including heart rate variability. Connect your app with up to two heart rate monitors (HRM).


  • display current gait: standing still, walk, trot and gallop
  • total duration time for each gait
  • display current time of day
  • heart rate of up to two connected HRMs or wristHR
  • heart rate variability of up to two connected HRMs or wristHR (RMSSD)
  • maps for fenix devices

Warning: Please do not operate with your application on your watch in any manner that diverts your attention from riding your horse in an unsafe manner. Displayal of current gait must not be looked at during horseriding, Distracted riding can be extremely dangerous. We recommend stoping at a safe location in order to interact with the device.

Pro Jockey distinguishes between the following horse gaits: standing still, walk, trot and gallop. You can connect a second (equine) heart rate monitor via BLE. As a result, ProJockey displays and logs your heart rate from your wrist or your heart rate monitor AND a second equine heart rate sensor for your horse simultaniously. Furthermore current RMSSD value is being displayed an logged on your watch. Note: Make sure that your second equine HRM for your horse is NOT paired with your garmin watch. It has to be connected within projockey app. If paired with the watch the additonal equine HRM will not appear in the list for available BLE HRMs within proJockey. Therefore it will act as a primary HRM and will overwrite wristHR or HRM of the jockey. All fenix watches ProJockey supports maps as data field. All data created and logged will be displayed in GarminConnect.

Obtain a one year license or download and run ProJockey for a 2-week trial. After trial you can easily purchase ProJockey in our Black Tusk ConnectIQ Store.

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