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SmartWake Pro is a ConnectIQ app that allows you to adapt your alarm clock to your personal biorhythm. Obtain a one year licence for SmartWake Pro.

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When switched on during the night SmartWake App detects light sleeping phases and sets off at the right time so you can get up more easily and start your day more efficiently whilst getting the rest your body really needs.


Set your alarm with SmartWake Pro and define a timeframe (Wakeup Window) of up to 45 minutes in which SmartWake can set off prior to your original wake-up time. Please make sure that you adapted your general settings for backlight (set gesture to off) and sounds (alert tones and vibration settings).

Pro Version:

Smart Wake Pro Version adds a list mode for managing multiple alarms. After list mode is switched on, you can add, select or delete alarms when pressing Start Button. If you want to set yourself a sleep goal you can switch alarm mode in settings of the app to sleep goal and define a sleep goal for the night or just a nap. In order to activate fall asleep detection switch "Goal mode" to "net" in settings. By doing that defined sleep goal is set after user fell asleep. SmartWakePro comes with a vibration intensity sweep that will wake you up more gently (can be switched on/off in settings of the app). If you want to prevent backlight being switched in during alarm you can switch it on/off in settings as well.

IoT settings can only be altered within Garmin Connect mobile App. Select garmin devices - apps - settings to enter an URL that will trigger an alarm and send it to your IoT system. Configuration of the trigger itself will be up to you and your home system. You can define a delay within IoT settings in order to make the alarm set off later than the IoT trigger.

For best performance:

  • Be aware that all settings, such as alarm tone, back light and vibration derive from general settings (setting-system-sounds) of Garmin device and cannot be enabled/disabled within the application.
  • Backlight settings during activity: Alerts and gesture should be switched off so it does not interfere with your sleep, otherwise movements of your hand will switch on the light in the dark or other alarms could set off. You may find it in Settings - System - Backlight - During activity
  • At least vibration settings should be switched on before using the app, otherwise SmartWake might not be able to wake you up. You may find it in setting-system-sound-vibration:On.
  • Alert tones should either be set to „During Activity“ or "off" depending on how you want to be woken up (setting - system - sound - tonal alarm). Note: Some devices only support vibration alarm (e.g. Vivoactive3)
  • Garmin devices DND-Mode should be switched on, so no notification will distract you during your sleep. Set alarm time according to your real sleep time target.
  • Note: For Vivoactive 3 and Vivoactive 3 music and all devices with a touch screen, please make sure that you lock the screen in order to prevent use errors during sleep. Go to Setting - System - Autolock and set "during Activity".
  • Garmin device must be worn on the wrist during the night. Note: Light sleep detection and alarm will also work (in charging mode) when watch is lying on the bed. It has been successfully tested but full functionality cannot be guaranteed, e.g. clock falls off the bed.
  • Note: We currently have problems with body battery (on all devices that offer the service) not being charged over night when using SmartWake. We are in contact with the GarminConnectIQ team so it can be solved.
  • Note: Fenix 6 does not calculate sleep and body battery at all at the moment when using SmartWake


  • alarm clock
  • timeframe for SmartWake alarm (1-45 minutes)
  • snooze (1-30 minutes; can be deactivated in the settings of the app)
  • alarm time, timeframe and snooze settings will be saved once they were typed in.
  • app gives warning if battery is less than 20%

Pro version:

  • new alarm mode: sleep goal (including fall asleep detecion);
  • vibration intensity sweep
  • list mode for multiple alarms
  • configurable backlight during alarm
  • IoT wakeup trigger for your Smart home system to wake you up with increasing light and/or music etc. by sending a trigger to your home system API
  • configurable delay for alarm on the watch after home system has been triggered

Note: wakeup window will be added to net sleep goal mode and deducted in gross sleep goald mode (similar to alarm mode)

License Activation:

Start the App on your watch, then switch to licence activation mode to enter the activation code displayed here. Press OK to confirm, then the licence information will be sent to your watch. Enjoy our ConnectIQ app!

The description will be sent to you by email during the activation process.

Release Notes:

  • Trial ends after two weeks

Available for the following devices:

Battery usage/per night: Fenix 5 series 3-6 % Fenix 6 Series 15-20 % MARQ series n.a. quatix 6 n.a. FR 645 6-10 % FR 245 5-8 % FR 935 n.a. FR 945 n.a. vivoactive 3 10% vivoactive 4/4S 6-10% Venu 15-30%

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