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MeditatorsPeak is a ConnectIQ app to measuring your ideal breathing rate for relaxation and offers the possibility to practice it. Purchase a one-year license for MeditatorsPeak.

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The MeditatorsPeak app calculates your personal breathing rate in order to approach the body's ideal resonance frequency. This frequency varies from person to person due to physiological and anatomical differences.

An important aspect of meditation is breathing. Through calm and relaxed breathing, a feeling of relaxation can be found more quickly and body and mind can come to rest faster.

MeditatorsPeak helps you to find your ideal breathing sequence and gives you the possibility to train it step by step. By breathing within your ideal breathing sequence, you will not only find it easier to calm down during meditation, but you can also learn to relax in everyday life and to stay calm in stressful situations. Find your suitable, individual breathing sequence now, with which you will notice the first sustainable results in your everyday life and meditation within 6-8 weeks.

Purchase a one-year license for Meditators Peak. DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical product, it is not meant for diagnosis!


To calculate your optimal breathing frequency for relaxation, 6 cycles are completed, the results are then saved and stored. In order to calculate the resonance frequency as accurately and reliably as possible, 6 different parameters are included in the calculation. Each cycle consists of 2 sequence, beginning with a one-minute warm-up phase (green), followed by a one-minute recording phase (red). Readings are only taken during the recording phase(red). You can then perform a breathing exercise using your personal breathing rate. The length of the exercise can be adjusted individually. Please take your time for the measurement, as it takes about 13 minutes. For an even more accurate measurement result, we recommend using a chest strap.

Only breathing exercises at your personal resonant frequency can stimulate the vagus nerve and your body in an optimal way. In order to achieve a lasting relaxational effect we recommend performing the exercises daily over the course of several weeks.

These 6 breathing rates are performed to identify the ideal breathing rate for relaxation.

breathing rate total duration (s) inhalation exhalation
7 8,5 3,5 5
6,5 9,2 3,75 5,5
6 10 4 6
5,5 11 4,5 6,5
5 12 4,75 7,25
4,5 13,3 5,25 8


  • Measurement of the ideal breathing rate for relaxation
  • Practicing the measured sequence
  • Individual setting of the duration of the repetition selectable (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes).
  • highest LF peak (or period when LF frequency is highest in percentage relative to other frequencies) RF breathing produces a peak of power at LF = MeditatorsPeak = most calm physiological state
  • highest peak-to-through (max-min) HRV (Cave: pick highest max-minHRV that is constantly happening throughout 1 minute recording interval

License Activation:

Start the App on your watch, then switch to license activation mode to enter the activation code displayed here. Press OK to confirm, then the license information will be sent to your watch. Enjoy our ConnectIQ app! The description will be sent to you via email during the activation process.

Release Notes:

  • Pro version not compatible with Fenix 3
  • Trial version ends after 2 weeks

Available for the following devices:

approachs62, d2air, d2charlie, d2delta, d2deltapx, d2deltas, descentmk1, descentmk2, descentmk2s, enduro, fenix5, fenix5s, fenix5x, fenix6, fenix6pro, fenix6s, fenix6spro, fenix6xpro, fenixchronos, fr245, fr245m, fr645, fr645m, fr745,fr935, fr945, fr945lte, legacyherocaptainmarvel, legacysagadarthvader, legacysagarey, marqadventurer, marqathlete, marqaviator, marqcaptain, marqcommander, marqdriver, marqexpedition, marqgolfer, venu, venu2, venu2s, venud, venusq, venusqm, vivoactive4m, vivoactive4s

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